1. behindbobsburgers:

    Happy Easter! Make your own Bob’s Burgers egg holders.

    Hold your eggs as you watch a new episode, Sunday at 7!

    Easter bunnied to you by Hector Reynoso, Anthony Aguinaldo & Paige Garrison.

    Sharing these just because. Awesome. 

  2. amateurgore:

    IT’S #RECORDSTOREDAY! We’re hosting a special #LiarsRSD14 Competition: If you get your hands on our special string-embedded 12” RSD release, post a photo of it in your record store on facebook, twitter and/or instagram, tag it #LiarsRSD14. You could win a UNIQUE vacuum sealed Liars bundle. Winners announced on Sunday.

    Liars is doing a Record Store Day contest.

  3. Here’s a taste of the Infernöh live experience, which you can witness this Saturday when these Swedish punks play the second night of the New York’s Alright fest at LPR. Also on the bill: Crazy Spirit, Gas Rag, Wiccans, Stoic Violence and Murderer.


  4. Happy Friday everyone.


  5. Check out “I Saw the Witch Cry” by Anasazi, who play LPR Friday as part of punk/hardcore fest New York’s Alright.

  6. Here’s a gif of Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier wailing at LPR back in 2009 (from Melissa Rosenthal’s video). We’re looking forward to having the band back on our stage on Saturday, May 3!

  7. inambientia:

    A teaser for harpist Gwyneth Wentink’s audio/visual performance of Simeon ten Holt’s Canto Ostinato.

    Great teaser trailer for Gwyneth’s performance. She’s at LPR on April 23.

  8. Emerging from more than two decades of slumber, trippy English shoegazers Loop play LPR this Thursday, April 17. Here they are performing live on “120 Minutes” back in the day.

  9. Digging this new Syd Barrett-y ditty from Purling Hiss’ forthcoming album Dizzy Polizzy. They open for Loop tomorrow at LPR.

  10. inambientia:

    Olga Bell - “Stavropol Krai / Ставропольский Край”

    (Source: lepoissonrouge.com)